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I started this site when I was a senior in high school. It was just a little page about how to hack DOS at first. Now it's a huge page with info on almost every aspect of DOS. Special thanks go to Brent David for helping me understand the internet and for his knowledge on HTML. Also, thanks to Mrs. Kriskovitch for getting me into the Plainfield High School computer club. And VERY special thanks to Mr. Hettenvan for getting me into computers altogether! I wouldn't even know what a batch file is if it wasn't for his first year Digital Electronics class. And last but not least, thanx to Jerry at Computer Basics for giving DOS HeadQaurters a nice new home!! (At least new at the time of this writing!) Man am I glad to be rid of those stupid popup's at Geocities!!! And it's sooooooooo much faster!!

How to print from this site

It has come to my attention that some of you are experincing problems when you try to print from my site. Unfortunatly, that is because of my frames. The only way around this problem for now is to use the NON-FRAMES version of this site when you need to print. If anyone knows a way to fix this please let me know.

If you are a teacher using my site as a teaching aid I would be interested in knowing about it. I am not interested in collecting royalties or anything of that nature, I would just like to know about it :-).

FYI, on any of my pages that have a background image on them- when you print- the background image will not show up, and text should be black instead of what ever color I have it set to (Well, sometimes- at least white text is black when printed. Other colors- orange- will be printed orange.) A way around this is to copy and paste a page into Notepad. Then ALL of your printed text will be black and in uniform size. Some day I will have downloadable documents with this site's info available.

With the advent of Windows `95 Microsoft is finaly pushing DOS out the window (Excuse the pun! :-). But I know that many people still rely on 'the old command line processor. By the time I feel that this page is done, (Probably never! :-) It will contain every nuance about DOS that I can possibly find out and then some! For now I have explanations for all batchfile commands and some kind of direction on how to set up your CONFIG.SYS file. SOON I want to get all internal and external commands on here. In the long run I might even try to do DEBUG, but that will be several mounths (Or years!) in the future. Also on my "To-do List" is to include notes on interupt functions for programers. If you have a GOOD idea for this page, by all means E-mail it to me. I am also looking to make a links page with DOS shareware. I know of a couple places that look good, but let me know if you know of a site that MUST be listed here.

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