On this page I will list strange and neat things about DOS that I have come across.

- RoboCop runs on DOS! In the first movie, look at the words he "sees" when he is first turned on. You will see the words BIOS loading, and Command.com. If you don't already know , Command.com is the command interpriter for all MS and PC DOS! Look for it in your computers root directory.

- The creater of the original DOS was named Mark Zbikowski. When DOS starts to run an Executable program, it looks for the initials MZ as the FIRST two characters of the file. If it doesn't find them, It treats the program as a COM file anyway.

Most people probably say "Get a life" when they see stuff like this, but this is my life! Got a kewl DOS fact? E-mail it to me it to me and I'll post it.