All links verified as of 8-20-2002.

Trish's Escape from Hardware Hell Computer Help

Ready made DOS/Win9x boot disks available for download.

DOS Solutions - A good resource for DOS, especially for getting a DOS machine on the net.

Wayne’s Windows 3.1 and Dos Support Site and Your #1 Place for Abandonware. (Good for getting a single missing file for DOS and Windows 3.1)

DRDOS.NET - A good resource for DR-DOS

Bart's boot disks. Possibly the BEST resource for custom boot disk creation in existance...

A simple Web and FTP server for DOS

The MCA Mafia
For all your PS/2 & Microchannel Needs!

Can't figure out who made that old adapter card? Look it up by just using its FCC ID#

Get FreeDOS, an almost 100% compatible free version of DOS!

The 'Easy DOS' web board for posting DOS questions.

Slash Dot- News for Nerds; Stuff that matters

The Register- A UK mag with up-to-the-minute news coverage of the Computer & Technology Industry

Ars Technica- For the Overclocking enthusiast

Don't let your idle CPU cycles go to waste; Join Distributed NET!

HTML Goodies, for all your HTML needs

Need something to kill the time with? Check these places out:

Cat Dynamics- Better left unsaid! Not for the squeamish ;-)

Prozac PEZ

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